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Juvenile Offenses

Lawyers For Juvenile Offenses

At the Monckton, Hembree & Humphries Law Firm, P.A., we advise and represent young people who find themselves involved with the juvenile justice system in Horry County or Georgetown County. Our lawyers are committed to finding the most constructive possible solutions to the serious problems associated with juvenile crime.

South Carolina's Grand Strand is fortunate to have a solid community infrastructure of programs and services for juvenile offenders and parents who need help turning a young person away from trouble.

Experience Is Crucial When Hiring A Criminal Defense Lawyer

A knowledgeable juvenile defense lawyer can make a big difference in keeping a criminal problem out of the courts and jails by guiding your family to the right choices in treatment and diversion programs. Our familiarity with these programs and our reputation with the local courts and probation officers can give your child a big advantage in avoiding the worst consequences of a serious mistake.

Our ability to engage community services on behalf of young people in trouble with the law depends to a great extent on our skill as trial lawyers. Because we are capable of presenting an effective defense against a criminal charge on the merits, prosecutors are usually willing to work with us to resolve a juvenile case through community-based treatment and diversion.

We advise parents and represent young people facing criminal consequences for such problems as the following:

  • Assault, weapons offenses or fighting at school
  • Status offenses such as truancy or curfew violations
  • Substance abuse problems involving drugs or alcohol
  • Property crimes such as shoplifting, burglary, vandalism, or auto theft
  • Sex offenses, including consensual sex between minors

For additional information about the scope of our defense practice and the best options for resolving a case involving your son or daughter, contact one of our experienced defense attorneys in Myrtle Beach today.


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