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Boating Under

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Boating Under The Influence

Myrtle Beach Lawyers Defending Boating & Drinking Crimes

Myrtle Beach is a vibrant coastal city. Our community welcomes visitors from other regions for recreational and business purposes. Spring break, Memorial Day and the Fourth of July are all occasions for partying at sea.

A partying spirit may be part of the fun of a boat outing with friends - and then comes an incident that culminates in boating under the influence of alcohol (BUI).

A Myrtle Beach “boating under the influence” attorney on your side is an important ally after a criminal arrest on charges of drunken operation of a boat.

Criminal charges of BUI are just as serious and as potentially damaging to your future as charges of driving a car while drunk. Boaters sometimes do not realize this, because they have a sense of freedom on a wide, expansive body of water.

If you have been charged with boating under the influence of drugs or alcohol, make no mistake a conviction may have very punitive consequences:

  • Loss of driver's license privileges
  • Loss of boating privileges
  • Jail and/or prison time
  • Stiff fines and penalties
  • A permanent criminal record
  • Damage to reputation
  • Unforeseen Consequences of BUI

Some people charged with any variety or variation of DUI has to worry about consequences to their careers. If you drive for a living in any capacity (as a police officer, a taxi driver, a school bus driver, a delivery driver or a traveling sales agent), you could lose your job if you lose your driving privileges after a conviction for charges of boating while intoxicated.

Clients of Monckton, Hembree & Humphries Law Firm, P.A., in South Carolina, are reassured of a vigorous, adept representation in the face of boating while intoxicated charges. One of our criminal defense lawyers was previously a prosecutor. Our many years of experience have taught us that the prosecutor has a heavy duty if he or she seeks to convict a client of ours. The prosecutor must prove that you were boating under the influence of alcohol to get a conviction.

Take it seriously and contact an attorney if you were arrested for DUI while operating a speed boat, a Jet Ski or other personal watercraft, a motorboat or any other type of water vessel.

Don't give the prosecution a helping hand after you have been charged with boating under the influence of a mind-altering substance. Do not discuss the case with an investigator without first speaking with a lawyer.


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