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Federal Drug Charges

Criminal Defense Lawyers Defending Federal Drug Charges

Anyone arrested or indicted on federal drug charges faces a steep uphill fight. Chances are that you have been implicated in a conspiracy to import or distribute illegal drugs in large quantities.

In most cases, there will also be no shortage of federal investigators, undercover informants, unindicted co-conspirators, or even wiretap evidence to establish the charges against you.

If you face federal drug charges involving cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine or any other controlled substances, get the experienced and skilled legal counsel you need.

Our lawyers' familiarity with the U.S. District Courts, federal grand jury procedures and government investigation practices can help reduce your risk of a long term of imprisonment. Federal drug charges are much more difficult than South Carolina state charges to negotiate down to minor offenses, but our experience with the practical demands of federal defense can represent a significant advantage for you.

The Best Defense Is An Early Defense

The earlier you retain an experienced defense lawyer in a federal drug prosecution, the better off you will be. The best opportunities to seek reduction or dismissal of the charges will arise in the earliest stages of the case. If you become aware that a grand jury investigation that might involve you is underway, don't wait for an indictment or a subpoena to get legal advice. Although most federal drug defendants don't learn of the case until the time of an arrest or search, any chance to develop your defense prior to indictment will only work to your benefit.

As well as defending people charged with high-volume drug possession or distribution, we also represent clients facing such related federal charges as felon in possession of a firearm. Any federal drug conviction accompanied by a weapons conviction can result in an additional 5 to 15 years of imprisonment.

Our lawyers also help resolve such drug-related problems as money laundering, asset forfeiture, and the seizure of motor vehicles, real estate or cash suspected to represent the proceeds of drug trafficking.

Most federal drug charges in South Carolina result from referrals made by local law enforcement and prosecutors. Whenever possible, we work to keep your case in the state system where your exposure to punishment is likely to be less severe. As experienced trial attorneys, however, we can develop and present your federal defense as effectively as the facts and the law will allow.

For the advice of a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer who can advise you about your best options in the face of federal drug charges, contact MHH in Myrtle Beach for a free consultation.


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