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Personal Injury

Myrtle Beach Personal Injury Lawyers

The three attorneys at MHH have a distinguished reputation and track record in personal injury law. Our attorneys advocate zealously and effectively on behalf of people who have suffered serious injuries in accidents such as the following:

Motor vehicle accidents: Our car and truck accident attorneys can help ensure that your medical bills are paid while we help you pursue a final settlement or verdict. We can help determine liability and hold a negligent driver accountable in a case involving:

  • Cell Phone use and distracted driving
  • Hit-and-run
  • An out-of-state driver
  • An uninsured or underinsured motorist

Bicycle accidents: MHH can help ensure that you have access to all available sources of compensation.

Construction accidents and other work-related injuries: Our law firm can advise you on how to file a successful workers' compensation claim.

Premises liability: Did a property owner know - or should he or she have known - of a hazardous condition that led to your slip-and-fall injury? We can help find out, and obtain compensation for you.

Catastrophic injuries: If you lost a loved one in a fatal accident or if you yourself suffered a very serious injury, we are here to help you recover the compensation you need and deserve.

Brain injuries: Even if you appear to have healed from a closed head injury, we are well aware that you may continue to suffer side effects. We will advise you against settling for compensation that is too low to meet your real needs.

Burn injuries: Disfigurement, chronic pain and repeated skin graft surgeries are common outcomes of chemical burns, electrical burns or burns caused by contact with flames.

Spinal cord injuries: Paraplegia or quadriplegia will mean dramatic changes in your lifestyle. A successful injury claim will likely require input from specialists.

Amputation or loss of use of a limb: Losing an arm or a leg is much more than simply a practical problem. It is like a psychological assault. You may continue to experience phantom pain for some time. We will advocate zealously for ample compensation for you after you have lost the use of a limb in an accidental injury.

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Catastrophic Injuries

A catastrophic injury is a life-changing event for an accident victim, as well as for the victim's family. A catastrophic injury also means a radical lifestyle change, including practical challenges and ongoing medical complications. A person recovering from a catastrophic injury may or may not be able to return to work - and if so, he or she is likely to need vocational rehabilitation.

Fight For What Is Right If Your Life Has Been Changed Drastically Due To Injury

  1. An accident victim who is living with quadriplegia may be unable to eat on his or her own. The injured person will need personal caregivers to assist with meals, bathing and toileting. Transportation will likely require a motorized wheelchair and a modified van.
  2. A recovering brain injury victim may be left with slurred speech, cognitive disorders, personality changes, various types of bodily dysfunction and/or mood swings.
  3. A recovering burn injury victim may require repeated skin grafts and suffer social isolation brought on by disfigurement.
  4. An amputee often deals with phantom pains and a need for periodic replacement of prostheses.

Loss of Enjoyment of Life

On top of these practical concerns, a person with a catastrophic injury generally suffers very significant losses in terms of the ability to enjoy life. An accident victim may have been an active parent of small children, an avid sportsman or woman, a musician, a frequent traveler, a mountain climber, a swimmer or a horseback rider. Loss of freedom to engage in favorite activities can be a tremendous psychological blow.

A traumatic brain injury, a spinal cord injury, an amputation or a serious burn injury may bring about overwhelming challenges such as:

  • A medical crisis, often requiring surgery, invasive procedures and lengthy hospital stays
  • Ongoing needs for follow-up medical care, therapy, rehabilitation and personal care
  • Financial burdens including medical bills, lost wages and a never-ending need for medical equipment, supplies and personal care assistance

Critical Legal Matters

Determining liability can help build a strong case for maximum available compensation. A successful personal injury claim or lawsuit after a car accident, a boating accident or a workplace injury can provide finances necessary to cope with extraordinary expenses.


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