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Myrtle Beach Attorneys Defending Amputation Victims

Unfortunately, in most cases, the pain does not end with surgery to heal the wound left by an amputation. Many amputees experience continuing “phantom pains” due to the unnaturally truncated nerve endings. Pain management can be a major component of recovery from an amputation accident. An elderly amputee may become wheelchair bound indefinitely.

Losing an arm or a leg - or losing use of an arm or a leg - is much more than a painful injury, a practical inconvenience or a psychological loss.

It can also be very costly. A state-of-the-art prosthesis can cost around $100,000, and an amputee will most likely need replacements periodically over the years. In some cases, amputees will need more than one prosthetic. The difference between a standard artificial leg to walk on and a running-capable variety can amount to very large amounts of money.

Loss of use of an arm or leg, even without amputation, will likewise require durable medical equipment and disability accommodations, such as bars installed around the house. Some clients of MHH have been left with disabilities such as very limited use of a foot that had to be fused after a car accident and lost all flexibility. Extensive physical therapy and occupational therapy are key aspects of a thorough recovery from loss of use of a limb.

Monckton, Hembree & Humphries Law Firm, P.A., will fight to ensure that clients who have lost a limb or lost use of a limb receive full, fair compensation from all available sources. For additional information and a free consultation about your legal options following a truck wreck, motorcycle accident or construction accident, contact one of our experienced attorneys in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.


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