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Date Rape

Myrtle Beach Date Rape Representation

Date rape accusations are a well-known hazard of private meetings between couples where there may be sexual attraction between the two. By the nature of dating, there are rarely eyewitnesses to confirm who is telling the truth when two people have differing versions of what happened.

Deciding who is or is not guilty and what actually transpired can amount to a "he said-she said" debate.

If you have been charged with sexual assault in a dating situation, take bold steps right away to protect your future. Consult with an attorney at your earliest opportunity.

If you get to a lawyer before criminal charges have been filed, he or she may be able to keep the incident out of the court system altogether.

As in the case of domestic violence, criminal charges of date rape sometimes arise out of what might otherwise be a private situation such as a breakup of a romance. In the heat of passionate disputes, one party calls the police and accuses the other of rape. Was sexual contact actually consensual? A conviction after being charged with a sex offense such as date rape is much more than an emotional matter of shame, remorse or blame.

A criminal conviction can mean:

  • Time in jail and/or prison
  • Sex offender registry
  • Steep fines and penalties
  • A criminal record for life

Individuals with high-profile careers or celebrity status may have even more at stake. Damage control will include protection from unwanted publicity to the greatest extent possible. Whether your date rape charges are relatively private or public, you should consult with an aggressive, effective criminal defense lawyer right away. Call or e-mail us today, to learn how our South Carolina defense attorneys can help you protect your constitutional rights after you have been accused or charged with date rape.


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