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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer in Myrtle Beach

Domestic violence is a category of crime that carries a heavy underpinning of emotion, politics and human rights considerations. Nearly everyone wants to protect vulnerable members of society. However, it is all too easy to create scapegoats of accused perpetrators without giving them due process.

What starts out as a private spat between spouses or domestic partners can quickly take on a legal life of its own once the police are called. A battered wife, girlfriend, husband or boyfriend may feel justified in calling 911 in the midst of a quarrel.

However, in many cases, the one who called for help tries to recant soon thereafter - only to discover that it is too late to undo the damage.

Questions Abound When It Comes To Domestic Violence Orders

  • Are you at risk of being barred from your home, kept apart from your children and having your reputation ruined after an unfortunate series of events leading to domestic violence charges?
  • Did a moment of anger cause you to act out in a way that you now regret?
  • Were you falsely accused?

Our lawyers have helped many clients in domestic violence situations obtain favorable results in such cases. Call or e-mail one of our Myrtle Beach domestic violence lawyers to request a consultation with no further obligation. We are prepared to act aggressively on your behalf and in your defense as we pursue your most urgent objectives:

We Aggressively Defend Clients Charged With Domestic Violence

  • Remove damaging restraining orders
  • Stay out of jail
  • Protect your right to a presumption of innocence unless proven guilty
  • Fight to have charges dismissed if at all possible
  • Explore all options available in your case, including paths to deferred sentencing or alternative sentencing, if appropriate

Monckton, Hembree & Humphries Law Firm, P.A., aims to protect the constitutional rights of our clients who have been charged with domestic violence. Contact us if you have been accused, charged or arrested on charges of domestic assault and battery in South Carolina.


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