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Car Accidents

Car Accident Lawyers Fighting For Just Compensation

The trial attorneys at the Monckton, Hembree & Humphries Law Firm in Myrtle Beach represent local and out-of-state clients in personal injury and wrongful death litigation resulting from car accidents in South Carolina. To learn how our approach to client service can apply to your situation, contact our office for a free consultation.

Prompt investigation is an important element of our success for our clients in car wreck litigation. We try to reach the witnesses before the insurance company does, and our solid relationship with local and state law enforcement officials helps us to flesh out the sometimes sketchy information in the police reports.

While we're investigating the possible liability of one or more prospective defendants, we also work closely with our clients and their families to make sure that they are receiving proper follow-up medical attention and treatment to maximize the chances for a complete physical recovery. In many cases, injuries such as closed head trauma are missed or under treated in the emergency room. Sometimes, the victim is completely unaware of serious injuries until days or weeks after the accident.

Protection From Insurance Companies With Settlement Tactics

Our close attention to your physical welfare in the aftermath of a South Carolina car accident not only helps ensure that you get an accurate diagnosis and proper treatment, it also enables us to document the damages side of your case from the very start. Auto insurers will take advantage of every chance they get to keep the value of your settlement down, and insufficient evidence of your injuries and future treatment needs gives them a handy excuse for holding back on their offers. Clients of our law firm seldom encounter that problem.

Not every car accident case settles on favorable terms. Whenever necessary to protect the value of your claim, we will take your case to trial. Our long experience with the presentation of evidence before juries represents an important advantage for our personal injury clients in court.


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