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Felony DUI

Myrtle Beach Criminal DUI Defense Attorneys Defending Repeat Offenders

It's one thing to be pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving. In most cases, the main thing to worry about is a 90-day suspension of your driver's license. It's quite another to face felony DUI charges in the aftermath of a serious or fatal alcohol-related accident.

Felony DUI involving death or great bodily harm can be punished by a sentence of up to 25 years.

If you're looking at serious felony penalties based on a DUI accident, leaving the scene of an accident, or too many prior drunk driving convictions, contact a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney at the Monckton, Hembree & Humphries Law Firm in Myrtle Beach.

Each of our lawyers has more than 16 years of criminal trial experience, and our ability to identify and present the strongest possible defense available under the facts can help you avoid the most serious consequences of the charge.

As soon as you enlist our firm, we go to work to investigate the facts and evaluate the evidence against you. The main issues at stake in a felony DUI accident case are whether you were intoxicated as a matter of law, and whether your negligence caused the collision. Our experience with misdemeanor DUI defense allows us to consider all potential weaknesses in the government's intoxication evidence. Meanwhile, our experience as successful motor vehicle accident lawyers helps us with the investigation and analysis of the accident itself. This investigation will let us know whether we can overcome the allegation that the accident resulted from your negligence.

We also represent South Carolina residents and visitors from out of state who are charged with repeat DUI. State law calls for the enhancement of penalties with each prior conviction over a ten-year period, and DUI or DWI convictions from other states can count as priors against you, unless we spot reasons why they shouldn't be.

With a mandatory jail sentence provided for all repeat DUI and DWUAC convictions in South Carolina, it's in your interest to consult with an attorney who knows how to handle repeat DUI charges.

For a free consultation about your case, contact a criminal defense lawyer at the Monckton, Hembree & Humphries Law Firm, P.A., in Myrtle Beach.


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